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September 15, 2017
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The Past Century of Marketing

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Digging into the past before all the technology exist. You had the billboards, the posters, direct mail, even before that you had people yelling on the street to come by your product.

When you see the growth behind a lot of the things that are happening in Marketing, in the past century the growth of the industry was directly correlated with and measured on how many channels were open.

In 1839 you had posters, in 1922 you had radio as a medium, then you had TV with now hundreds of channels, and ever since the internet came around there are an infinite number of channels via a medium.

The dilemma now since there are all these channels and you have all this data as your disposal on activity and users and buyers, how do you manage all this activity?

Since the number of channels up until recently far outweighed any of the technology that could actually manage and ingest any of those data points for manipulation and understanding, the industry went through a shift.

The Marketing Technology landscape.

To solve this particular issue, there are now well over 7000 marketing technologies that exist today to help you ingest data and execute strategies.

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Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew comes from a background working as a Marketing Technologist for growing software, technology, franchise, and professional services companies. With a degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, he applies data and logic into the execution of unique marketing strategies. He is the Managing Partner of 3 Avenues that focuses on building websites, leveraging marketing technology, reporting & analytics, through to project management on more complex ideas.

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