The Foundational Principle of Science in B2B Marketing (and its Caveat)
August 10, 2017
The Past Century of Marketing
November 2, 2017
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The Future of B2B Marketing | Marketing Masterclass

My thanks goes out to the attendees of the sold out seminar on the Future of B2B Marketing!

For review, you can find the presentation slides below:

UPDATE: See below for a video recap of the seminar! In chronological order of the seminar itself.

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Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew comes from a background working as a Marketing Technologist for growing software, technology, franchise, and professional services companies. With a degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, he applies data and logic into the execution of unique marketing strategies. He is the Managing Partner of 3 Avenues that focuses on building websites, leveraging marketing technology, reporting & analytics, through to project management on more complex ideas.

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