The Foundational Principle of Science in B2B Marketing (and its Caveat)
August 10, 2017
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B2B Marketing Universe 2017: A Single Unified Framework (1st Edition)

Upon meeting and discussing various topics of Marketing, not only with clients, but with some of the smartest Marketers on the planet that have driven success across numerous B2B organizations, there was a certain element missing in every one of our conversations. Answers (with relentless proof) to some of the hardest questions Marketers get asked (including the CMO by the CEO and the CEO by their Boards, etc.):

  1. Who is our ideal customer?
  2. What is marketing success?
  3. How do we know that this channel/source/content is boasting us the most revenue?
  4. Did we get the most long-term profit off that revenue?
  5. What is the foundational principle of everything we are doing in marketing?
  6. How does technology fit into B2B marketing?
  7. Why are we building that asset?
  8. What’s the purpose of marketing?
  9. How do I map out my entire marketing activity?
  10. What does it take to enter into a new channel of marketing?
  11. How do we build for marketing for scale?
  12. (BONUS) How does everything we are doing within marketing fit into the grand scheme of our organization?

If you want to go ahead and download it, here are the high resolution versions of the Universe, which you will need to zoom in to read anything:

B2B Marketing Universe 2017: A Single Unified Framework of B2B Marketing (1st Edition) – 35.2MB Mid-Res JPEG
B2B Marketing Universe 2017: A Single Unified Framework of B2B Marketing (1st Edition) – 11.7MB Hi-Res PDF
B2B Marketing Universe 2017: A Single Unified Framework of B2B Marketing (1st Edition) – 83.1MB Hi-Res JPEG

Things to note:

  1. This is a wildly simplified version with successes that we have seen across various B2B organizations.
  2. Every organization will have their own variation / customization of the B2B Marketing Universe and may be much larger or smaller.
  3. Each colored orbit corresponds with the funnel.
  4. The funnel is our sun – everything Marketing does revolves around the funnel and is the life of the system.
  5. Each orbit is its own scalable marketing engine which requires only time and money as the variables for growth.
  6. The hierarchy of terminology is as follows: Funnel (Sun), Activity (Orbits), Time/Budget/Benchmarks/Goals (Planets), Marketing Human Resources (Moons), Marketing Technology (Sub-Moons or Asteroids or Debris).
  7. The end goal is to drive individual personalization by understanding as much of your ideal customer profile as possible.
  8. Much of this was inspired by numerous discussions with Michelene Maguire, Principal at Maguire Marketing Group and Mike Couch, CEO & Managing Partner at Couch & Associates. Many thanks to all of you.
  9. We expressly grant permission to reproduce copies of the The B2B Marketing Universe in any media, digital or physical, as long as it is reproduced “as is” and in full. We have faith in humanity.
  10. The B2B Marketing Universe is taken to a level of detail we believe is suitable for most audiences.

Now, allow me to give some back story to how and why this was built.

As a Mathematician by education, with the original intent of Astrophysics wanting to work with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) or NASA,  one of my greatest childhood goals in life was to study String Theory and ultimately solve the Theory of the Universe. Solve and prove to a level of confidence that is known to be undeniably true. Also known in Mathematics as Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED).

String Theory, with leading research by Physicist Briane Greene is explained as, “the idea that minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe.”

The Theory of the Universe is explained as a single, foundational, coherent, all-encompassing theoretical framework of physics that defines, combines, links, and explains all physical, chemical, biological, and mathematical elements of the universe.

Fortunately, I also had this burning passion for Marketing and helping businesses excel at what they do and my ultimate goal was to build logical understanding to B2B Marketing.

Fast forward more than a decade of being in the industry, I was able to build the B2B Marketing Universe, a single unified framework for B2B Marketers which brings organization to the chaos that we call marketing that is currently driven by the predominant saturation of marketing technologies.

We’re constantly bombarded by marketing technology, so much so, that many Marketers today are being driven by it – they get sidetracked and hit roadblocks because their technology can’t do what they want it do for a particular campaign. They bring technology to the forefront when in actuality it’s the last element of how successful marketing firms run their operations.

The funny part of all this is that it started off as a mapping of the funnel which looked like the graphic below but alas we kept digging deeper and deeper and knew there was more:

Now, you’re probably asking, why the F**K did you make it a universe?

There is natural order to the universe as chaotic as it may seem. It’s a principle of Chaos Theory. When scientists first discovered the existence of other planets, stars, systems – we took that at face value. Much like marketing – we take SEO, advertising, content, and sales enablement – at face value. But then scientists asked themselves – why and how – how are they floating out there in empty space? Why are they there? How do these planets, moons, systems fit in the grand scheme of things – now comes Newton’s Laws of Physics (which I’m assuming you have a very basic level understanding of – and will not get into). Same goes for Marketing – how does social advertising, community management, segmentation, channel selection, and technology fit into the grand scheme of your entire organization?

So marketing, in this current moment in time, is clearly no different from the chaotic realm of the known Universe. This graphic serves to naturally put elements of marketing into order. Which is why it’s called the B2B Marketing Universe.

What is the purpose of this?

  • To generate discussion
  • To help you see marketing from a scientific angle
  • Start asking yourself why a lot more often
  • Identifying the purpose of your marketing driven activities
  • Seeing marketing from a true revenue perspective
  • To be able to build out your own version specific to your business with a step in the right direction

As much as we tried to simplify the universe, we understand it may be complex and we’re happy to answer any questions and greatly appreciate any feedback from you! Comment below or reach out to us at – we’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on the universe.

Want one of these specific to your organization?

Click below and shoot us a line and we can get the conversation started.

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Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew Yang, Managing Partner, 3 Avenues
Andrew comes from a background working as a Marketing Technologist for growing software, technology, franchise, and professional services companies. With a degree in Mathematics from Queen’s University, he applies data and logic into the execution of unique marketing strategies. He is the Managing Partner of 3 Avenues that focuses on building websites, leveraging marketing technology, reporting & analytics, through to project management on more complex ideas.

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